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PhenQ Review – Charlotte Usher

(Know all about PhenQ diet pills before you think of purchasing it: Photo, New Video, Reviews Included)

Welcome to my PhenQ Review, I am Charlotte Usher, I am using PhenQ Diet Pills from last 4 months and have amazingly lost 32 Pounds in the journey. Yes, you heard it right, I said 32 pounds: each 1 Pound matters to me and to anyone, who is looking to lose weight.

I will share with you, my daily routine in addition to phenq pills which has helped me to become slim. Before we move forward, look at my PhenQ result and see the difference.

My PhenQ Result

You are here, it means you are looking for PhenQ reviews and real results to make your decision for purchase. I will guide you with my experience of PhenQ, which has made difference in my life and now it will make to yours.

My PhenQ review is pretty long as i have to say much about PhenQ. So if you want to order it now on basis of my result then:

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Obesity is common problem now a day’s, not only in united states but all over the world. The amount of junk food and sugar intake is increasing day by day, which leads to this condition. If you are not taking care of your food intake, then you must have to look out for other alternative solutions.

In today’s world everybody know how to lose weight? But it’s not easy for everyone to follow the exercise path and keep an eye on their diet. You also must have followed these things but find it difficult to continue. So, the last option is Diet Pills.

But how to choose the best Diet Pills? Each one in the market claims to be best. But the truth is they spend so much on their marketing campaign, which present them as the best but actually they are not! Their main motive is to earn money by selling their sub standards products.

So what you need?

You need a scientifically tested, effective and result driven diet pills. The diet pills which really cares about your weight loss. And being here is biggest asset for you as PhenQ Weight Loss Pills are one of those pills, which are scientifically tested, result oriented and effective.

The live example is me, Charlotte Usher, who have lost 32 pounds in 4 months using PhenQ pills.

Let’s look out How phenq helped me to reduce weight (My weight loss journey using PhenQ)

I was bulky and very lethargic. I never wanted to do my own stuffs, in office also my boss was not happy with my work.

Due to all this I tried many fitness clubs, exercise routine and Diet plans.

But all failed as I was low on energy and wanted to take rest all the time.

I sometimes followed the diet plan, but after 2-3 days it made me more hungry and I started eating more and more.

Instead of losing my weight through diet plans , I started to gain more.

All of this made me more bulky and low in confidence. Due to extra fat in my body, I looked unattractive.

I was trying to lose weight from a long time, but was never successful.

All this made my life crap and I was tired of my weight.

I was becoming unhealthy and depressed.

But one fine day I was browsing through various reviews and results of different weight loss programs and someone was recommending PhenQ with very strong belief & success results.

I was not very sure to try it, but my heart said, you have tried so many things, let’s give it a chance.

I started researching on PhenQ and how will it help me to lose my weight.

I found on its official site that phenq will

  • · Suppress my appetite.
  • · Burn Stored Fat.
  • · Block fat production
  • · Improve my energy levels and confidence.

Bingo, this was the all, which I needed. But still I was not sure to order it.

I researched about the side effects and found none. So I thought to give it a try and ordered a single bottle, in case it is not effective, I will not lose extra money.

After one week it arrived, as I was curious to know it’s effectiveness , I took the pill.

In back of my mind, I was clear that it won’t have any effect on me. As I was sick and tired of so many weight loss programs earlier.

But, it was different. Yes , really after 20 minutes of taking the pills, I was feeling pumped up with energy.

Before taking the pill, I was planning to take a walk without any interest. But the energy from PhenQ provided me extra power, such that I ran that day for 25 minutes.

Yes I was feeling wonderful and happy.

Secondly after returning from walk, I was not feeling hungry too. It suppressed my hunger.

So with the pumped up energy and less hunger, I was able to do more and more work.

It was really working, I started to run for 20-25 minutes every day with the energy it provided.

Also feeding up myself with lots of junk food stopped, I was eating less and healthy.

The effect of PhenQ was visible in the first month and I lost 10 pounds in the first month itself.

Everyone was noticing change in my body.

My face became thinner.

My body started to come in shape.

I was more confident and in happy mood now.

All those frustrating years were gone, now was the time to party hard with friends & family

This is how my Journey with phenq Weight loss pills started.

After one month I ordered PhenQ pills regularly and followed the same routine, with exercise and healthy diet. In 4 Months I lost 32 Pounds.

My PhenQ Result

Now my boss is happy with my timely work.

I can dress up like anything, everything fits on me well now.

I go out more often and my friends are happy for me.

All this is due to effective PhenQ result, which made difference to my life. I now say that yes, PhenQ really works. You can get your own PhenQ pills here.

I recommend PhenQ to all those who are not too comfortable dieting or doing exercise. PhenQ will help you to lose weight and give you energy to exercise.

Let’s see what is PhenQ?

It can be said that PhenQ is weight loss pills with power of multiple weight loss supplements. PhenQ not only try to cut down your fat but also stops production of fat in your body. It tries to cover all angles, so that you can lose weight easily.

It suppresses you appetite and give you immense energy, so that you can exercise easily. It’s one of its kind in weight loss product segment. phenq increases your body metabolic rate and burn more calories than normal.

Let’s see what are the ingredients of PhenQ weight loss pills which make everything possible:

PhenQ is prepared in FDA and GMP approved facilities in the US. It is using highest quality natural ingredients. One bottle of PhenQ contains 60 tablets, let us know what ingredients are in those tablets:

Capsimax Powder:

Capsimax powers is a mixture of capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin (vitamin B3). The combination of all these increases thermogenesis in your body, resulting in cutting down extra fat. Apart from these, studies says piperine helps in stopping formation of extra fat.

Capsicum has been proved in various studies as beneficial for weight loss and give positive results.

Calcium Carbonate:

Calcium is not only beneficial for your bones but also give indication to your body for burning extra fat. It indicates that your body is healthy and you don’t need to store extra fat, thus it results in loss of extra fat. This burning of extra fat leads to rapid weight loss.

Chromium Picolinate:

Chromium Picolinate is generally found in vegetable, meat or whole grains. By controlling your blood sugar level it curb your card cravings and sugar in body. When we eat sugar loaded food, blood absorbs the sugar and carry it to cells for energy. when the quantity of energy in cells is optimal, the craving for sugar will be low.


Caffeine helps to reduce fatigue, increases alertness and focus in your attitude. It makes you feel less hungry and increases the fat burning process. Over all you can say caffeine gives you energy to do exercise.


Nopal is a cactus which is high in fibers. This helps in controlling your hunger. Also it provides you lot of energy as it is rich in amino acids. Thus it helps to control you hunger and helps in weight loss.

L- Carnitine Furmarate:

L- Carnitine Furmarate is found in red meat, green vegetables and nuts. It is a source of naturally occurring amino acids, which helps in turning your fat storage in energy. This will lead to burning of fat and at the same time energy in your body.

A-Lacys Reset:

A- Lacys reset is combination of Alpha lipoic acid, L-cysteine base, Magnesium. IT helps in increasing metabolism of your body. It helps in burning your fat thus causing weight loss.

All these ingredients in PhenQ pills are natural and tested. These have no side effects on human body and works well to reduce weight. All ingredients work in combination to burn your body fat, Stop extra fat from producing, give you immense energy and lower down your hunger.

The perfect example of PhenQ ingredients working is me, It has been proved that My review on PhenQ is Real and provide best result.

You can get your Pack of PhenQ here.

Was PhenQ results only positive on me? I tested it on my Friend Ghislain Rebert

After using PhenQ on myself, i was wondering, is it only beneficial on my body or it will suit others too.

To test the effectiveness of PhenQ, I ordered one for my friend Ghislain Rebert , as he was bulky too and was looking to lose weight. I gave him the box of PhenQ and asked his experience after day 1.

Ghislain, shared the same kind of story which I was going through:

He told me that within 15 minutes of taking the PhenQ pill, he was full of energy.

He was cleaning his house before taking the pill slowly, but once he took the pill , he said he finished the work in an hour.

After that he operated his old treadmill and ran on it for 15 minutes, he never used to do that.

He also said, he was now less hungry.

So I was , more confident of writing the PhenQ reviews , as it helped my friend with the same result and I wanted to help others too. If you are interested you can order from here.

After month 1 my friend , Ghislain Rebert lost 11 pounds. here is the PhenQ result of my friend.

PhenQ Review

My Friend’s PhenQ Positive Result

He doesn’t smile much, but now he is more happy, confident and outgoing person. Thanks to best weight loss pill phenq.

PhenQ Pros & Cons

As it is said and clinically proved that PhenQ is made up of natural ingredients, but different body types have different metabolism. Some people using PhenQ can have some side effects and some people can have no side effects.

Here I will discuss the benefits and side effects i.e pros & cons of PhenQ pills.

Lets discuss the Cons first:

Avoid taking it in evening or night:

I would recommend not to take the phenQ pills in evening/night as it pumps you with extra energy, you won’t be able to sleep properly. Either you will wake up in mid night or you will not feel good , as you don’t have ways to use the energy in night. (No physical activities kind of thing in night)

I myself have suffered this, as I skipped it in afternoon and took it in night. And what to say it was a long night. So avoid it in night.

Not advisable for people with these conditions:

  • · Pregnant women
  • · women who are breast feeding
  • · Person’s below 18 or above 60
  • · Person’s on other prescribed medicines

For all these persons, you should first visit your doctor , show them the ingredients in PhenQ. If they approve it , then only you should take it.

Can cause Mild Headache:

Using PhenQ sometimes can cause mild headaches, but it can be treated by home remedies or some simple medicines. So seeing the benefits of using PhenQ, these mild headaches can be easily tolerated.

Available online only:

This can also be counted as one of the cons of phenQ that it’s available online only. You wont get it from amazon, walmart, GNC, Ebay or Walgreens.

You will have to always order it from the official site.

Now we will see the Pros of PhenQ weight loss pills:

Effective Appetite Suppressant

Before consuming PhenQ, I was a eater. I used to eat a lot. My daily routine included junk foods, pizza, chips, sandwich and lot of sugar loaded stuffs.

Whole day I was eating something and this was the main reason for my heavy body. I was not able to control my hunger.

But PhenQ pills changed everything, once I started taking it, I was not hungry more. It effectively suppressed my appetite. I used to take 2 pills a day one in the morning and one in the afternoon. After taking the pills My stomach started to feel full. And that too with lot of energy pumped in my body. So less intake of junk food make me lost more fat from my body.

Energy Booster

Once I started taking PhenQ pills, all the lethargic & lazy behavior bid bye to me. I was pumped up with energy to do my daily routines at great pace. I had lot of energy to complete my daily exercise routine. This all added to my weight loss.

It burns fat fast

PhenQ pills increases the metabolism rate of the body , thus causing to burn fat fast. The powerful ingredients of the pill , really works and you will feed the difference.

100% Natural

The best part of PhenQ weight loss pills is that, they are 100% natural. So u don’t have to worry about any kind of side effects.

60 Days money back guarantee

If offers 60 day money back guarantee. If you feel that it is not suitable for your body , you can get your money back. 60 days is a long time to take the decision.

All these Pros indicate that PhenQ really works and give positive result for weight loss. My PhenQ Review further will discuss about various aspects of its working style, Is it a scam? and before and after effects of PhenQ with positive testomonials.


How does PhenQ works on body to lose extra fat?

We already know what does PhenQ do and how it helps to reduce weight. But we exactly don’t know the process how it do that? The process which is generated by taking PhenQ is known as Thermogenesis.

This process helps to burn away extra fat from the body and use them to provide energy on daily basis. With all the natural ingredients mentioned above, it increases the metabolic rate of the body, causing our body to be in thermogenesis process all the time.

This is how PhenQ works and helps us to shred extra weight.

Is PhenQ Real or Scam?

I dont think PhenQ is scam. I , myself has used PhenQ and has positive effect on my body. With all tha natural ingredients, it really works without any side effects.

I would say that PhenQ is not like others brand, who brags too much without any results. PhenQ has proved it’s metal in weight loss pills industry, and I am live example of that. you can order your Bottle of Pills here.

How I used to Take PhenQ daily?

It’s a powerful energy booster , so I always avoid taking it in evening. The bottle comes up of 60 tablets which generally lasts for one month. I used to take one in the breakfast and one with the lunch.

One you take the tablets, you won’t feel snacking up for a long time. One secret I would like to share with you all. Since I was a serial junk food eater, but with the results of PhenQ, I have turned myself to healthy eater.

The foremost thing is that I don’t have too much hunger, but once I feel it , I like to eat fruits in between. I go for green vegetables, chicken and fish often.

But in between you can go for Pizzas too. This will not harm you much.

So You can set your routine and work on your weight loss program with the help of PhenQ pills.

Faq’s: You must have various Faq’s in your mind about PhenQ (All Answered here)

I will try to give relevant answers to your questions about PhenQ, so that it can guide you in right direction.

Is PhenQ really Helpful in weight loss?

This is very basic and primary question. And my answer to this will be yes, it really works. The powerful and natural ingredients make it unique weight loss pills. So after using and looking at the positive result on me, it definitely works.

How much one bottle will last?

Unlike other weight loss pills (30 tablets), PhenQ have 60 tablets in the a bottle. I would recommend you to take 2 pills on daily basis. One with breakfast and one with lunch. On that basis you bottle will last for one month.

I would recommend you to go for 2 bottle pack , as one is free with another. Kindly grab the offer.

Can it be use for both Men & Women?

Yes irrespective of gender, PhenQ works on both with the same effect. I have mentioned my testimonial and my friends testimonial , who is a male. So it works well on both.

How much weight I can lose using PhenQ?

It depends from person to person. Some people will accompany PhenQ intake with exercise and some will not. So person’s with exercise will have more positive results , in comparison to person who is only dependent on PhenQ pills.

Generally the weight loss ranges between 10 pounds to 25 pound a month.

Is exercise necessary with PhenQ to lose weight?

I would say it’s not necessary but if done it will be really beneficial for you. You will be able to lose weight fast. Without exercise also PhenQ will give positive results but it will take time.

What diet plan I need, while I am taking PhenQ?

There is no specific diet plan, while you are on PhenQ. But I would tell you to eat more fiber. A diet full of vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.

PhenQ will have its effect on your body and you won’t eat too much, so whatever you eat , eat healthy.

I am on medicines, can I take PhenQ?

As I know PhenQ is natural but if you are on medicines, kindly consult your doctor and show them the ingredients. If they approve, then only you should take PhenQ.

These are some common questions on phenq asked by you all. I think I have tried to answer them to best of my knowledge.

Before & After Pictures of PhenQ

PhenQ is leaving its footprint in the weight loss pills market. Apart from my positive result about phenQ, here are many others who are benefitted from consuming PhenQ.

Take a look

PhenQ Results PhenQ review
where to buy PhenQ
PhenQ reviews

Positive Customer Testimonials About PhenQ

Valerie O

Hi, I am Valerie O, I am using PhenQ from last 5 months and I have lost 20 pounds. Initially I was not able to play with my kids and run with them. But since I am using PhenQ, I have become more active and energetic. I have went down 2 sizes and started feeling happy.

I would sincerely recommend this product to all who are looking to lose weight.

April R

I am mother or 2 and you can understand what kind of fat will on my body after 2 deliveries. I was working hard to get off those extra fat but was not successful. But when I used PhenQ, it helped me to lose 20 lbs in 3 months.

It really works, I will continue with PhenQ till i reach my goal.

John Mac

Thanks to PhenQ pills, I was overweight and low in confidence. I was house locked and never wanted to go out. But when I started to take phenq , my life suddenly took a turn. I lost 32 pounds in first 4 months.

I became more confident and happy. Now I always go out with friends and party hard. I would definitely suggest it.

If you are interested : Buy PhenQ from the official site here

Video Testimonial of phenq

Thanks to Kyra for sharing her video about the positive result of phenQ

How to Maintain weight after PhenQ

Once you reach your goal of weight loss using phenq, what do you need to keep that weight maintained is a big question.

Till the time you were taking phenQ, you were accustomed to a routine but once you stop taking PhenQ , you will need to work hard and in routine to sustain to that weight.

It’s not difficult but will need your determination and devotion. The simple logic behind holding up to the same weight is eat healthy , eat in control and do exercises.

So the first thing I would recommend is to make a routine of exercise. Do it daily for about20-30 minutes, this will help in keeping your metabolic rate high and not putting up the extra fat.

Secondly once you stop taking phenQ, you will have hunger more often than before. So I would suggest to go for healthy food intakes, such as a bowl of fruits, Vegetables and more fibres. this will keep off the extra fat.

Third thing is to take a healthy breakfast on daily basis. Never skip breakfast. It will give you energy for whole day and will keep you full.

Also I would recommend to eat 2 hours before going to the bed in night. And drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Last but not the least I would suggest you not to leave off PhenQ completely, you can take one tablet every alternate day to keep your weight in check.

You have done such hard work to get in shape, I would not recommend you to go to your previous routine and make yourself bulky again. Eat healthy, exercise and drink plenty of water, this will keep you fit and fine always.

Final Verdict: Should You go for PhenQ or Not?

Yes for sure, if you are really serious about losing weight you should go for it.

I would say it’s not a miracle but it will definitely help you to lose weight down the line.

It will really work once you start taking it.

You will be eating less, full of energy and confidence.

So why not try and lose weight with PhenQ

Grab your bottle of PhenQ from the Official site.

Best place to purchase PhenQ

PhenQ is not available at Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, GNC or Walgreens. If you are looking to buy phenq then you will have to buy it from the official site

This is the only place from where you can get PhenQ. It is shipped worldwide to any country. It also offers 60 days money back guarantee.

Buy PhenQ



So my PhenQ Review completes here. All the things mentioned above are my own experience, which had positive effect on me. I am now more confident, happy, outgoing person. I love to party now, I have new friends and all this is due to PhenQ positive results. I have lost 32 pounds which means a lot to me. I would give 5 star to phenq as a best weight loss pills.

Review By Charlotte Usher


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